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Nanjing Tuojia Precision Machinery Parts Com., Ltd.
was founded in 2003 and located in the Chinese cutting tools first town--- Bowang town. more than 100 workers, 20years manufacture experience.
TUO JIA is the master Distributor of the revolutionary
Rolla-V lower dies and is an excellent source for
light curtains, safety products, shear blades, urethane dies and accessories.
Main Categories Of Products
Full Service Provider of Press Brake Tooling and Accessories
Advantages At A Glance
Producer: standard- and special press brake tools and shear-blades
Availability: standard press brake tools from stock, short term production of special press brake tools and shear-blades
Job order production: individual and state of the art processing of your products
Flexibility: modifications and regrind service
Product quality: premium
Cost-performance ratio: first-class
Qualified and customer oriented team
Full service: construction, development and production
Test bending: individual test bending with your sample sheets
Field service: committed and customer-oriented
Presence at exhibition: innovative and regular
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La technologia de prensa dobladora y plegadora asegura que la hoja perforada y la placa diamantada no se muevan de manera inesperada durante el doblado By Tim HestonSeptember 13, 2011Si alguna vez usted ha tenido que doblar hoja perforada o placa diamantada, sabe que puede ser una verdadera lucha. E

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At present, China's manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements. From weak to dragon, Chinese manufacturers have made great efforts. However, it is undeniable that there is still huge room for development of "Made in China". According to incomplete statistics, we can contribute to the 20 products and 16 high-end materials described below in the future. If we can overcome the technical problems related to these products and materials, it will be beneficial for our manufacturing industry to take a big step forward.

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The mechanical properties of metals, also known as mechanical properties, refer to a series of mechanical performance indicators that materials exhibit under the action of external forces or loads, reflecting some of the ability of metal materials to resist deformation or damage under various forms

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The equipment manufacturing industry is an important tool of the country and an important part of the real economy. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has placed the high-quality development of the equipment manufactu

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