What are the mechanical properties of metal materials?

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The mechanical properties of metals, also known as mechanical properties, refer to a series of mechanical performance indicators that materials exhibit under the action of external forces or loads, reflecting some of the ability of metal materials to resist deformation or damage under various forms of external forces. It is a characteristic that indicates the change in the metal and is an extremely important indicator to measure the material performance. 

The commonly said mechanical properties mainly include elasticity, plasticity, stiffness, aging sensitivity, strength, hardness, impact toughness, fatigue strength and fracture toughness. 

Elasticity: The metal material will deform under the action of external force. When the external force is removed, it can restore its original shape. 

Plasticity: The ability of metal materials to produce permanent deformation without causing damage under the action of external forces. 

Stiffness: The ability of metal materials to resist elastic deformation under stress. 

Strength: The ability of metal materials to resist deformation and fracture under external force.

Hardness: The ability of metal materials to resist harder objects being pressed into them. 

Impact toughness: the ability of metal materials to resist fracture under impact load.

Fatigue strength: the maximum stress that will not cause fracture when the metal material is subjected to countless repeated or alternating loads. 

Fracture toughness: a performance index used to reflect the ability of material to resist crack instability and expansion. 

As for titanium and titanium alloys, common mechanical properties include tensile strength, yield strength, elongation after fracture, and reduction of area. The requirements for different uses of each product in each industry are different, and the most appropriate one should be selected according to relevant standards.

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