In the past decade, the added value of equipment industry has increased by 8.2% annually

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The equipment manufacturing industry is an important tool of the country and an important part of the real economy. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has placed the high-quality development of the equipment manufacturing industry at the top of its list, issued a series of policies such as the major special project of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment", the high-end equipment innovation and development project, and increased investment, strengthened research and development, and accelerated development. It has made breakthroughs in a number of internationally advanced products in the fields of rail transit equipment, engineering machinery, electric equipment, and new energy vehicles, We will strive to occupy the commanding heights of the world, grasp the right to speak of technology, and build China into a modern equipment manufacturing country.

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from 2012 to 2021, the added value of the equipment industry increased by 8.2% annually, maintaining a medium-high growth rate; Especially since this year, we have overcome the impact of the epidemic and taken the lead in recovery, driving the rapid recovery of the manufacturing industry. By the end of 2021, there will be 105100 enterprises above designated size in the equipment industry, an increase of nearly 45.30% over 2012; Total assets, operating revenue and total profit reached 28.83 trillion, 26.47 trillion and 1.57 trillion yuan respectively, up 92.97%, 47.76% and 28.84% from 2012.

Wang Weiming, Director of the First Equipment Industry Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that in the past decade, the equipment manufacturing industry has made historic achievements and undergone historic changes.

Is in a critical period of moving towards the middle and high end

At present, China's equipment manufacturing industry is in a critical period of moving towards the middle and high end, and its supporting role for the economy and society is more prominent. For more than ten years, China has continued to carry out industrial technology research by taking the major scientific and technological project of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" as the starting point, and has made major breakthroughs in industrial master machines.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that in the past ten years, China's industrial motherboard's industrial independent development capability and industrial technology level have significantly improved, breaking through a number of key core technologies such as fully digital high-speed and high-precision motion control, multi-axis linkage and so on.

Industrial supporting system:

The market share of domestic high-end CNC systems has increased from less than 1% to 31.9% in domestic machine tools, and the market share of digital tools has increased from less than 10% to 45%.

Construction machinery field:

China has formed 22 categories of construction machinery products, becoming one of the countries with the most complete product categories and varieties. The domestic market satisfaction rate of construction machinery has increased from less than 90% in 2012 to more than 96% at present. The output of excavators, cranes, loaders and other major products ranks first in the world. In 2021, the total import and export of construction machinery products will be 37.75 billion US dollars, with a trade surplus of 30.3 billion US dollars. At present, a number of construction machinery industrial clusters with obvious scale effect and strong industrial chain mobility have been formed in Jiangsu, Hunan, Shandong, Guangxi and other places.

Agricultural machinery and equipment:

China's agricultural machinery and equipment industry has achieved positive results. The product system of agricultural machinery and equipment has become increasingly rich, forming a product series of 65 categories and more than 4000 models and varieties; The level of technical quality has been significantly improved, breaking through a number of key technologies such as power shift and no-tillage seeding, and the successful development of 5G+hydrogen fuel electric tractor, large-feeding multi-function combine harvester, and six-row cotton picker. The comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest in the country has increased from 57% in 2012 to 72% in 2021. The problem of "inorganic availability", the weak link of major economic crops, has been basically solved.

Successful application of major technical equipment

In terms of meeting the basic requirements of manufacturing equipment in key domestic industries, the aircraft structural parts production equipment has achieved independent control, and the manufacturing equipment such as aero-engine turbine discs and blades has grown from scratch. The new domestic and global market share of automobile stamping production line reached 80% and 40% respectively; In the field of power generation equipment manufacturing, the transformation from import-oriented to export-oriented has been realized. In the field of shipbuilding, the three major indicators of shipbuilding remain leading, and the international market share ranks first in the world for 12 consecutive years.

The "great power weapon" is full of bright spots, including C919 test flight, "Jiaolong" diving into the sea, and Shuanglong exploring the pole; Baihetan Hydropower Station, a million-kilowatt hydro-generator unit, was successfully put into operation; The third-generation nuclear power units of "Hualong No.1" were fully completed and put into operation and realized "going out"; The first domestic large cruise ship realizes the main power generation vehicle.

In addition, China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment has made considerable progress, developed a number of advanced oil and gas resources exploration and development equipment, and conquered a number of petrochemical technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The overall level of equipment design and manufacturing is at the forefront of the world. For example, the world's first 100000t deepwater semi-submersible production and storage platform "Deepwater No.1" energy station has been successfully put into operation, which can stably supply 3 billion cubic meters of gas every year, and can meet 1/4 of the people's gas demand in the Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Another example is the successful application of a number of major technical equipment, such as the "one-button human-computer interactive 7000m automated drilling rig", the natural gas long-distance pipeline, the "Blue Whale" single-lift crane vessel, the first domestic deep-sea oil and gas underwater production system, the 10-million-ton oil refining complete equipment, and the million-ton large-scale ethylene complete equipment, providing a solid guarantee for the development and utilization of oil and gas resources.

Increase in revenue of emerging industries

While the industrial scale continues to expand, the industrial structure of the equipment manufacturing industry has also been further optimized. In 2021, the operating revenue of the strategic emerging industries in the equipment industry will reach 20 trillion yuan, up 18.58% year-on-year.

Robot manufacturing:

In 2021, the operating revenue of the whole robot industry will exceed 130 billion yuan, and the output of industrial robots will reach 366000 sets, ranking the first largest industrial robot market in the world. The application of industrial robots has covered 60 major industries and 168 medium industries in the national economy. In 2021, the density of robots in China's manufacturing industry will reach more than 300 per 10000 people, an increase of about 13 times over 2012.

Electric equipment field:

Especially in the field of new energy, China has made remarkable achievements in the development of power equipment. A number of power equipment with independent intellectual property rights and internationally advanced technology have been applied, and a number of backbone leading enterprises have led the formation of industrial clusters of specialized, specialized and new supporting enterprises. At present, China's power equipment has developed into an industrial system with complete categories, large scale and strong supporting capacity, which effectively guarantees the safe supply of energy and the construction of modern energy system. For example, the technology of million-kilowatt ultra-supercritical coal-fired power units has reached the world's advanced level; The million-kilowatt hydro-generator unit with the largest unit capacity in the world has been successfully put into operation at Baihetan Hydropower Station. The annual power generation of all units can meet the domestic power consumption of about 75 million people a year; The third-generation nuclear power units of "Hualong No.1" were fully completed and put into operation and realized "going out"; China is the world's largest producer of wind power equipment, and also the world's largest wind power installation country. The installed range ranges from plains to plateau and mountains, and then to high-power wind turbines at sea; The ± 1100 kV UHV DC transmission equipment with the highest voltage level in the world is applied to the "West to East Power Transmission" project from Zhundong to southern Anhui.

Medical equipment field:

China's medical equipment industry has achieved rapid development and become an important medical equipment production base in the world. In 2021, the market size will exceed trillion yuan and reach 1.03 trillion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of more than 12% in the past five years; The new proportion of PET/CT in China has achieved a breakthrough from "zero" to 40%. The orthopedic surgical robot and focused ultrasound treatment system have reached the international advanced level. More than 170 products, such as medical electronic linear accelerator, endoscopic surgical robot and artificial heart, have been certified and listed from scratch; It has formed a product system of more than 1100 categories in 22 categories, which basically meets the needs of China's medical and health sectors. In particular, in the fight against the COVID-19, China's medical equipment has withstood the test, which has strongly supported the domestic demand for epidemic prevention and control and international anti epidemic cooperation.

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