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VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Dies

Fab Supply's VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Dies significantly outperform the standard shim-style adjustable dies in both productivity and durability. Their unique design allows them to provide a high level of functionality in a wide variety of forming applications. Unlike the shim-style adjustable dies that require the operator(s) to lift shims in and out of the tool to change the opening, the VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Die simply requires the operator to loosen the stripper bolts. As the stripper bolts are



Tonnage Capacity1125 T/ft

Tonnage Reduction

15 to 20 %



To operate the hydraulic clamping
To operate the hydraulic unclamping
To operate the motorized movement of the saddle blocks



  • Quick easy one-man set-ups

  • No shims/spacers required

  • Exceptional versatility

  • Well suited for high tonnage applications

  • Economical alternative to purchasing multiple dies

Additional Information

Additional Information

To further increase productivity, the VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Dies can be produced with an optional hydraulic lock/unlock system. This feature is exceptionally useful in production situations where die openings are changed frequently. The hydraulic lock/unlock feature allows the operator to change the die opening in a matter of minutes. Once the saddles are unlocked and repositioned, the simple touch of a button re-locks the saddles and the die is ready for use. A stand-alone hydraulic power supply can be provide to operate this system when it is not feasible to tie it into the machines hydraulic system.

A fully-automated CNC version of the VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Die also is available. This system is furnished with its own control panel to operate the hydraulic clamping/unclamping and the motorized movement of the saddle blocks.

The outstanding durability of the VEE-LOCK® Adjustable Dies will become quite evident when forming high strength or wear-resistant materials. While the standard VEE-LOCK® Dies are designed to withstand forming tonnages of up 125 tons/foot, higher tonnage special models also are available.

The VEE-LOCK® Dies are equipped with either induction-hardened or hard-chromed rollers, or dual radii brake die forming inserts. Since the entire external surface of the roller (62-64 hrc) is a useable forming surface, it is easy to understand why the rollers usually outlast the standard forming inserts. Unlike the standard brake die inserts, if the rollers do become worn or damaged, they can be replaced quickly and inexpensively with virtually no down time. Lastly, it is generally believed that utilizing rollers at the top of a die opening will reduce forming tonnage anywhere from 15-20%. this tonnage reduction will minimize part marking as well as wear and tear on your press brake.
  • 1 Up to 300 T/ft upon request

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