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Cornering Mirror

Through the use of cornering mirrors, multiple sides or work envelopes can be guarded which enhance safety and reduce downtime related to mechanical and electrical interlock systems.
Include a 5% reflectivity loss per mirror when calculating total scanning distance of light curtain.
NOTE: Mirrors are surface coated. Wipe surface using only a damp, clean, soft 100% cotton cloth. To replace: remove the end bracket, slide out the mirror with the gasket.

Item #

Dimension A (Hole to Hole)

Dimension B (Mirror)

Dimension C (Total)

TRM-1219.45 in494 mm18.25 in464 mm20.50 in521 mm
TRM-1825.45 in646 mm24.25 in616 mm26.50 in673 mm
TRM-2431.45 in799 mm30.25 in768 mm32.50 in825 mm
TRM-3037.45 in951 mm36.25 in921 mm38.50 in978 mm
TRM-3643.45 in1104 mm42.25 in1073 mm44.50 in1130 mm
TRM-4249.45 in1256 mm48.25 in1226 mm50.50 in1282 mm
TRM-4855.45 in1408 mm54.25 in1378 mm56.50 in1435 mm
TRM-6067.45 in1713 mm66.25 in1683 mm68.50 in1739 mm
TRM-7279.45 in2018 mm78.25 in1988 mm80.50 in2045 mm

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